Full Hydroponics Starter Kit (3 x 3 x 2m Tent) Professional 2

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Price: £1,810.00

Full Hydroponics Starter Kit (3x3x2m Tent) Professional 2

All of our hydroponics starter kits are supplied with top quality hydroponic tents that don’t brake or rip and CAN  hold the weight of a large heavy hydroponics filters, we only sell proven quality hydroponics products so you can be sure our hydroponics grow kits will be what you expect for your money!

If you would like to make any changes to any of our hydroponics grow kits then please call us 0161 776 9001 hydroponics.

3x3x2m Tent
6 x 600w Lumii Compacta light kits
6 x light hangers
1 x 12” 3250 Gorilla box fan  
1 x 12”/1200 rhino Pro filter 
1 x 12” combi Ducting
1 x 1500 Gorilla box fan 8”  
1 x 8” combi Ducting
1 x Bluelab Ph pen 
2 x 16” osolating Fan 
1 x 7 amp SMS twin fan controller 
1 x Thermometer


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