Hydroponics NEW Maxipot 15 Litre with Tray

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Hydroponics NEW Maxipot 15 Litre with Tray


Most growers, professional and amateur alike understand the importance of gas exchange in your plant root zones by achieving a good wet/dry cycle. 
However even with the greatest of care sometimes with soil and other substrates the root zone can sometimes become clogged and compacted creating an anaerobic environment in your root zone meaning your roots cannot breathe properly and absorb the important oxygen they need to ensure maximum growth and productivity. 
Maxipot ensures the important wet/dry cycle in your medium by the use of our innovative lift and twist design which lifts the pot from the base. This means excellent air circulation under the pot base allowing your root zone to access the fresh air for maximum root oxygenation. 
In turn natural air pruning will occur becuase of the space created between the pot and the tray leaving no further use for clay pebbles or perlite.


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