Hydroponics Sunlight Supersun Air Cooled Shade 150mm

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Hydroponics Sunlight Supersun Air Cooled Shade

Sun System reflectors are designed and manufactured in the United States using Precision Photometric Computer Modelling to give the brightest and most uniform light output achievable in indoor plant lighting. Sun System reflectors are proven to give a measureable increase in light output and plant growth compared to standard budget reflectors with up to 18% higher growth light output (PAR). Each reflector in the range is built with commercial grade galvanized steel housing with a durable, powder-coated finish.  95% reflective MIRO glass-coated aluminium inserts are used for maximum light output. All Sun System air-cooled models have an airtight, aerodynamic design for powerful air-cooling and hinged glass covers for easy access. This reduces ambient temperature in your growing environment, saving you money in energy costs for a highly efficient grow system. 

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