Osram Plantastar 400V 1000W Double Ended Lamp

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Osram Plantastar 400V 1000W Double Ended Lamp

Osram lamps are considered to be one of the better lamps on the hydroponics market today. Producing a superior output to 230v lamps the 400v Osram Plantastar will do this for 9-12 months.

This 1000w 400v Osram Plantastar 1000w DE Lamp is suitable for use in a 1000w Gavita Pro light fixture.

400v Double ended 1000w HPS lamps are more efficient than standard HPS lamps, turning more of your electricity into light. A 400v 1000w light costs exactly the same to run as the 230v system but the 400v HPS lamps produce up to 10% more light in comparison. Even noticeable to the human eye when placed side by side.

The Osram Plantastar 400v 1000w lamps run at a cooler temperature, produce a brighter, whiter light and produce a higher yield.

Osram 1000w 400v DE Lamp Features Include:

• High Quality lamp with improved output

• Effective for 9-12 months

• Utilizes 400v technology on a 230 volt domestic mains supply

• Produces more light than traditional 1000w lamps

• Runs cooler than standard 230v

• Increased yields compared to standard HPS

• Delivers a broader spectrum of plant usable light - PAR

• Suitable replacement lamp for Gavita Pro 1000w

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