Osram Plantastar Grow Lamps

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Osram Plantastar Grow Lamps

AVAILABLE:  250w, 400w,  600w Bulbs

  • Replacement lamp that promotes flowering
  • Simply screw into any of our reflectors.
  • The Osram PLANTASTAR bulb is the only bulb (other than the Sylvania GROLUX) that was designed for horticultural applications
  • Specifications of the Osram PLANTASTAR are very similar to that of the Sylvania GROLUX.
  • It has the highest PAR rating (meaning it has the highest plant-usable light output) of any bulb on the market, in addition to having 30% more blue spectrum than a standard HPS bulb.
  • Recommended for use with Ballasts of equivalent sizes
  • High Pressure Sodium Lamp developed for Horticulture to suit E40 Lampholder.

Please be aware that all lamps loose there lumen output after a period of 9/12 months.  As a rule of thumb we recommend that lamps are then replaced to ensure you keep your crop yields to the maxium.

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