Hydroponics Analogue Humidistat HR-EHSA

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Hydroponics Analogue Humidistat HR-EHSA

- Measurement range: 10% ~ 80%(rh) 
- Accuracy: ±5% 
- Operation span : 3%
- Operation method : ON/OFF
- Capacity of micro switch : 2.2A
- Temperature : 10~40°C
- Sensor type : Nylon loop
- Dimension : 140H x 95L x 45W (mm)
- Power supply : 110V (220V) / 60Hz(50Hz)
- Power cord : 2m

- Easy to use
- Manufactured to use with a single humidifier. Capacity of internal switch is 2.2 ampere.
- High durability and trouble free.
- Set the dial to the humidity level you want. If you set the dial to 70, the humidifier would stop at 70%rH and restart at 67% rH.
- Fix the unit at 150cm of height from the floor (There is a hole to fix on the reverse side of the case)

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