Hydroponics Growmaster 16K Mini Split Air Conditioning unit

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Hydroponics Growmaster 16K Mini Split Air Conditioning unit

Growmaster Mini Split Air Conditioning units are purpose designed for horticulturalists choosing the increasingly popular method of Closed Loop Horticulture. 
The Growmaster provides refinements that are not found in standard domestic mini split units including compact, vibration free and literally whisper quiet condensers, internal active carbon filters inside the air handler to help clean re-circulating air and protect the life of the unit and provision to attach a CO2 canister for head height CO2 delivery straight through the air handler if using CO2 canisters. Growmaster 'Inverter Technology' slows down energy consumption as the target temperature is reached. This not only improves efficiency, it takes all 'peaks and troughs' out of the temperature maintenance in the area. The Growmaster does not consume water or require a water supply. 
The Growmaster is delivered pre charged and comes with 3 meter chemically sealed hoses allowing fail safe installation by the user. Longer hose lengths are available on request. Once installed, the user simply dials in the required temperature using the remote control and the Growmaster will effortlessly maintain the settings, day and night, regardless of external conditions. 
- THE only system that does not require an engineer for installation (No VAC pump required)
- Integral Active Carbon Filters to keep air handler free from airborne contaminants 
- Built in CO2 diffuser for head height CO2 distribution if using CO2 canisters 
- Silent running condenser. The ONLY noise is from the air passing through. Will not cause a nuisance to neighbours 
- Inverter Technology ensures low amperage draw and accurate temperature maintenance
- No water consumption 
- On and off site industry professional servicing and support available (England, Scotland and Wales)
- 5 Year warranty subject to regular servicing 

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