Hydroponics BioGreen Heat Mat (6 sizes)

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Hydroponics BioGreen Heat Mat (6 sizes)

Available in 6 different sizes
Gentle & Even under heat is often the key to success with cuttings
Aluminium encapsulated versatile heatmats substitute for both spring propagation and heating and winter protection.
If you have had problems in keeping your favourite tropical plant alive in a cool greenhouse during the winter this may be a solution, acting as a heated bench.

The mat is best placed on to an insulation layer, then covered in a sheet of plastic or glass.  With the remote thermostat placed in your propagator media or underneath potted plant trays, the temperature is accurately controlled saving running costs in warmer weather.

Heatmat main features

Encourage root formation and seed germination Ideal for growing on from cuttings and seed Even heat distribution Suitable as surface heating on the potting bench Ensure warm soil for over-wintering containerised  plants in a small area CE-approved Includes thermostat and soil sensor Spraywater-proof 3 year guarantee aluminium encapsulated versatile heatmats easily roll up when not in use.

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