Hydroponics BioGreen Soil Heating Cable

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Hydroponics BioGreen Soil Heating Cable

The Bio Green heating cable takes the heat just where you want it. It is parti-
cularly suitable for home-made propagators and seed-trays. The cable is very flexible and can easily be laid to suit your particular requirements.

The many different ways of laying and using it make the waterproof cable a universal heat source.
Using it with the TER 2/GB thermostat with extra remote sensor makes for ideal propagating conditions, because the soil temperature is accurately controlled.

Build your own propagator or use as under soil heating in your greenhouse - very economical for large areas. Used by commercial growers, soil warming cables are mains operated, fully insulated, completely waterproof, safe and easy to use (full instructions supplied). Bio Green Soil Heating Cables warms the soil by 8-12 degrees. Manufacturers recommend you use the soil warming cable with thermostat. Thermostat provides automatic control for your propagation requirements and more economical use of the cables. Can also be used in terrarium or aquariums.

Size available: 25 m (320 w).

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